Best Personal Loan Sites

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Best Personal Loan Sites

When to go for a personal loan?

A loan even with a 0% interest rate is still a debt. At Loanwalle, we never advise our customers to go into debt until it's an emergency. When we talk about a personal loan, it always comes up with a higher rate of interest and most of the people who are opting for personal loans are going for multiple loans to close one loan. It is because, once a loan becomes a habit, it becomes really hard to come out of it.

Documents required to get instant approval on personal loan

If you require a personal loan, then you should keep the below-mentioned documents handy so that once your relationship manager asks for the same for the loan process, you can send all the documents at one go without any hassle.

● Pan Card
● Aadhaar Card 
● Proof of Residence 
● Pay Slip
● Bank Statement

When to opt for an instant personal loan

An instant personal loan is like a weapon, if fired in the right direction it can save you, but if it is fired in the wrong direction, it can seriously harm yourself and your family. In the pandemic, we have seen many people borrowing loans to buy furniture and gadgets. According to research, an expensive laptop range was sold thrice more in this pandemic. The uncertainty in the jobs and increasing debts caused depression among the people and because of this, many people committed suicides, and many recovery agents from different loan companies were arrested. It is always advisable to opt for a loan from best personal loan sites.

Being a responsible organization with a good reputation in the business, we consider personal loan as an emergency fund allocation, neither a necessity nor a luxury and that's why we are considered as one of the best Personal loan sites. In case of extreme emergencies, like an accident, vehicle breakdown, severe health issues, a loan should be considered as an emergency tool. Talking from the organization as well as an individual experience, a loan is a bad option if anyone is taking it for leisure or vacation purposes. So, next time if you are opting for a personal loan, always remember, some people keep on borrowing money to pay back their loans only!

Features of a Personal Loan

A fast personal loan is quick. We, at Loanwalle, believe in responsible lending and when all the documents are appropriate, we provide a loan in 30minutes. But, being a responsible lender, we check the need and the salary of the customer, and through multiple screenings, we disburse 50% of the salary amount as a loan to the customer.

Things to remember

At Loanwalle, we believe in responsible lending. Our teams always try to serve the customer with utmost importance, but in parallel, we maintain the decorum of responsible lending so that we do not push some off the cliff of debt. Before lending, we check the salary of the applicant and we provide 50% of the salary as a loan to the borrower and this is the main reason why we are one of the best Personal loan sites.

Most of the companies whose target is the earned money by any means are involved in unethical lending. First, they provide high amount loans to the borrowers and when borrowers aren't able to repay the loan amount, companies start harassing the customers by calling their relatives and friends by accessing their contacts from the mobile app.

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