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Need Personal Loan

A personal loan is a loan type that is catered to provide the funds to the borrower on an urgent basis. If all documents are in place, then it usually takes 2-3 days to disburse the final loan amount to the user. But when it comes to urgent personal loans, the loan can be disbursed in few hours only. If you need a personal loan, then you can apply at the best and fast personal loan companies.

What is a personal loan?

A personal loan is an unsecured loan that you can get without pledging any collateral. Different from other loans, a personal loan has certain eligibility criteria, exclusive offers, and unrestricted end-to- end use for your financial and immediate expenses, be it a vehicle breakdown or a foreign trip.

At Loanwalle, we aim to provide loans to those customers who require them on an immediate basis for emergency purposes. Our team ensures the loan requirement of the customer and we disburse the loan amount only if we find that customer requires money for emergency purposes. At Loanwalle, we do not endorse the idea of irresponsible borrowing, and being a responsible Reserve Bank of India approved NBFC we ensure that the money is disbursing is being used only for emergency purposes.

Documents required to get instant approval on personal loan

If you need a personal loan, then you should keep the below-mentioned documents handy so that once your relationship manager asks for the same for the loan process, you can send all the documents at one go without any hassle.

● Pan Card
● Aadhaar Card
● Proof of Residence
● Pay Slip
● Bank Statement

Differentiate your expenses between NEEDS AND DESIRES

While we are progressing towards an advanced society, our judgment towards money is going nowhere. When we talk about our youth, they hardly know any difference between needs and desires. For them, an expensive mobile phone is a need, the mobile phone that costs around 10k and another expensive phone that costs are 100k have the same basic function, i.e. calling, social media and texting. But just for the sake of show off, our youth is inclined towards buying expensive gadgets and accessories. We should understand that there is a fine between needs and desires and that should be kept in mind when you need a personal loan for leisure purposes.

When you need a personal loan

A personal loan is the last resort when you are left with nothing and you want quick money without any obligation or collateral. Most people are opting for a personal loan for vacations and recreational purposes. But this is entirely wrong from the perspective of the actual personal loan definition. The personal loan concept was created to cater the end to end emergency requirements of the borrower and facilitate them with the financial options in case of any emergency. But with the onset of the fintech industry and easy loan options, most youngsters are pushing themselves into irresponsible borrowing because their debts are increasing day by day.

So, to aware the youngsters of the benefits of responsible borrowing and create awareness among the people about the bad debts, we at Loanwalle always believe in disbursing the loan only to the borrowers who require it with utmost importance. If you need a personal loan for your emergency needs, feel free to connect with us.

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