Online Immediate Personal Loan

Instant loan for salaried professionals

Online Immediate Personal Loan

Responsible Lending By Loanwalle

At Loanwalle, we believe in responsible lending. Our motive is not to extravagantly distribute money to the borrowers and harass them for recovery. For this, we have a tailor-made loan that is disbursed according to the salary. Only 50% of the salary amount is disbursed as a loan to the customers. This is because we do not want our customers to fall into the debt trap and EMIs.

When you need an Online Immediate Personal loan

A personal loan is the last resort when you are left with nothing and you want quick money without any obligation or collateral. Most people are opting for a personal loan for vacations and recreational purposes. But this is entirely wrong from the perspective of the actual personal loan definition. The personal loan concept was created to cater the end to end emergency requirements of the borrower and facilitate them with the financial options in case of any emergency. But with the onset of the fintech industry and easy loan options, most youngsters are pushing themselves into irresponsible borrowing because their debts are increasing day by day.

So, to aware the youngsters of the benefits of responsible borrowing and create awareness among the people about the bad debts, we at Loanwalle always believe in disbursing the loan only to the borrowers who require it with utmost importance. If you need a personal loan for your emergency needs, feel free to connect with us.

Documents required for Online Immediate Personal loan

If you require a personal loan, then you should keep the below-mentioned documents handy so that once your relationship manager asks for the same for the loan process, you can send all the documents at one go without any hassle.

● Pan Card
● Aadhaar Card 
● Proof of Residence 
● Pay Slip
● Bank Statement

Anyone who has ever required a personal loan and has applied for it must have gone through the complete procedure and formalities that are included in the loan procedure. The complete procedure of loan application till the disbursal is nowadays easy because of the rise of fintech and artificial intelligence.

What is an Online Immediate Personal loan?

An online immediate personal loan is a loan that is designed to cater the emergency funds requirements. If we say emergency funds requirements, it means you require money for an emergency that cannot be undone, like a car accident, vehicle breakdown, tap leakage, electricity issue. Not like, birthday parties, excursions, or picnics. Naturally, if money is quick, it has some disadvantages too. Quick personal loans come with a high rate of interest and the reason why they have a high interest rate is that they do not require any collateral, any home visits, or any background reference check. Maximum number of Loan companies provide online immediate personal loan only to those individuals who

● Are salaried professionals
● Gets minimum salary of 15thousand
● Has 700+ credit score 
● Gets salary in the bank 
● Has 3-month salary slip
● Has 3 monthly bank statement

If you complete all the above-mentioned criteria, then banks and NBFCs won't hinder you in providing a quick personal loan.

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