Required Personal Loan

Instant loan for salaried professionals

Required Personal Loan

When we talk about loans, the first thing that strikes our mind is the borrower lender relationship. Banks and NBFCs are willingly open to provide loans to salaried individuals. The major reason companies are willing to provide loans to salaried individuals is because salaried people are more consistent in paying their dues on time because they have a regular income and they are more concerned to pay their dues.

Anyone who has ever required a personal loan and has applied for it must have gone through the complete procedure and formalities that are included in the loan procedure. The complete procedure of loan application till the disbursal is nowadays easy because of the rise of fintech and artificial intelligence.

What is a personal loan?

If you have ever applied for a property loan or auto loan, you must have noticed that lenders always draw the demand draft, transfers money, or draws cheques in the favour of the builder or an auto company. Banks and NBFCs never pay loans like auto and property loan amounts directly to the benefactor. The reason is, that banks never want their money to be misused on other channels. For this, banks are ready to provide personal loans to their customers but the major issue with the personal loan is the higher rate of interest in comparison to other loans. And the reason for the higher rate of interest in the personal loan is the non-collateral loan. A loan without a collateral has higher rate of interest because there are more chances of bad debts in it.

How to apply for a personal loan?

If you require a personal loan and if you have an emergency to go for a loan then you can opt for Loanwalle.com. While working in the industry for more than a decade, and served more than 30,000 customers, we have created a fan base among the people by providing them the best services. If you need a personal loan then you can apply on https://www.loanwalle.com/apply-now but before applying, you should know all the information beforehand and get your documents ready.

Documents required to get instant approval on personal loan

If you required personal loan, then you should keep the below-mentioned documents handy so that once your relationship manager asks for the same for the loan process, you can send all the documents at one go without any hassle.

● Pan Card
● Aadhaar Card 
● Proof of Residence 
● Pay Slip
● Bank Statement

When to go for a personal loan?

A loan even with a 0% interest rate is still a debt. At Loanwalle, we never advise our customers to go for a debt until it's an emergency. When we talk about a personal loan, it always comes up with a higher rate of interest and most of the people who are opting for personal loans are going for multiple loans to close one loan. It is because, once a loan becomes a habit, it becomes really hard to come out of it.

Personal Loan from Loanwalle

At Loanwalle, we believe in responsible lending. Our team is dedicated in every way to provide the best services to our customers. Our company believes in a simple way of lending, only to those who need it in an emergency. Once we receive the application, we go through multiple checks and check the reason for the loan application. If we find that the loan application appropriates our norms, then we disburse the amount in the customer's account.

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