Urgent Personal Loan

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Urgent Personal Loan

At Loanwalle, we define urgency according to the scenarios. For example, buying an expensive gadget is not an emergency, but a car breakdown, water leakage at home is considered an emergency. And if you are in an actual emergency, we are here to support you with our urgent personal loan facility.

For some people, an emergency is just a hindrance in their lifestyle, especially for our new generation. For petty celebrations like birthdays, one month anniversary, the young generation is keen to opt for loans and they end themselves up in the cobweb of debts. Loanwalle team thoroughly checks every single detail of an individual before providing an urgent personal loan because we do not believe in irresponsible lending. If you visit the social media pages of Loanwalle, you will notice that at every post we emphasize customers do not opt for a loan or a credit card if it is an extreme emergency.

What is an Urgent Personal Loan?

An urgent personal loan is a loan that is to be used for emergency purposes, for example, you are working from home and your laptop is not working, your water pipeline broke and you urgently need money for its repair. But, most of the time it happens that people, especially youngsters consider birthday parties and events as an emergency. Banking and non-banking organizations provide urgent personal loans to users who have a good credit history and less hit on credit scores.

Eligibility Criteria for an Urgent Personal Loan

Here are some of the pre-requisites that an applicant should consider before applying for an urgent personal loan, because once rejected, it may harm the credit history of the applicant that can later create hindrances in future loan applications.

● Minimum salary of rs15000
● Good Credit History
● Salary in a bank account, cash salary isn't considered
● 3-month salary slips from the employer
● 3-month bank statement
● Pan Card
● Adhaar Card
● Other documents, like, LPG Bill, Postpaid connection bill, electricity bill

Pro tip: before applying for an urgent personal loan, the customer should keep all the above documents handy so that once required, he/she can send it to the credit team so that the loan can be processed quickly.

When to not opt for an urgent personal loan

As we have already discussed above, opting for a personal loan is a tough destination with an easy journey. When the money is credited to the customer's bank account, he/she forgets its actual usage and spends it on unnecessary expenses like traveling and leisure activities. So, always remember, loan money is not your money, it's the bank's money and should be used wisely. Failing to return the loan money on time, can lead to bad credit history and innumerable recovery calls.

Responsible lending by Loanwalle

At Loanwalle, we believe in responsible lending. Our motive is not to extravagantly distribute money to the borrowers and harass them for recovery. For this, we have a tailor-made loan that is disbursed according to the salary. Only 50% of the salary amount is disbursed as a loan to the customers. This is because we do not want our customers to fall into the debt trap and EMIs.

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