Home Faq's

What's a personal loan?
Personal loan is a short term loan that aims to help you in case of out of the blue circumstances where in you are burdened with out of pocket expenses. Such loans usually come with fixed rates, fixed monthly payment and no collateral.
What purpose does a personal loan serve?
A personal could help you in paying high interest rates Of credit cards, refinance debt payments, house Renovation or shifting, medical bills, weddings, utilities or food expenditure.
How will I be eligible for the loan?
You need to be above 18 years of age and a resident of India with an income of at least Rs 15000/- per month. A good CIBIL score is a plus point.
What happens if am not able to repay the full amount?
The monthly interest payments are duly deducted from your bank account. The following day after the loan repayment is due, we send our executive to your place To collect whatever part payment you could give and write-off rest of the amount. This could lead to a poor credit score for your future borrowing needs.
What the difference between a loan origination fee and an application fee?
The application fee is simply an amount asked by some brokers or lenders during the application process and before the approval of the loan funds. While the origination fee is a basic percentage amount of your loan, charged only after approval of your loan.
At Loanwalle, you dont have to worry about any extra fees charged on applying for a loan. We only ask for a nominal charge after your funds are transferred to your account post verification!
Does Loanwalle require me to pay any upfront fee or advance amount to obtain a loan?
Loanwalle doesnt charge any upfront fee or advance payment from you to obtain loan.
If any representative asks for any such fee beforehand kindly report to us immediately. We take such complaints seriously and take note necessarily.