Instant loan for salaried professionals


What is the process of application?

  • It’s very simple. Click on the Apply Now button. You will reach our application form. Just fill it up and submit. You will receive an OTP and confirmation mail and message.

It is safe to apply for the loan online?

  • All your sensitive information which are personal, financial or related to employment are encrypted through the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol which leading institutions the world over use. Your information is kept absolutely secure

Who are eligible to apply?

  • An Indian citizen living in Delhi and NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune and Chennai
  • Above 21 years of age
  • A salaried employee, earning salaries of 15,000 and above
  • Ability to repay loan amount

What is required along with my application?

  • KYC (PAN and Adhaar)
  • Three months bank statement (till date)
  • Two months salary slip

Will I get an immediate feedback for you?

  • Normally we take minutes to approve your application. Sometimes, if you have not provided sufficient information it may take some time as we have to call you for further details. Sometimes we may have to call you for confirmation of the details you provided.

Will you be contacting my employers?

  • We will not contact your employers regarding the loan, nor will we mention anything about it. We may have to contact the accounts department of your employers to carry out a few simple checks.

You ask for internet banking details. How safe is it?

  • Internet banking is the easiest and fastest way of processing your application for loan. We cannot access details of your account as we only have snapshot details of your account.
    Your bank details are encrypted and stored securely. No one can access your internet banking password or has the ability to change your banking details.

How much loan can I get?

  • We take into account several factors before deciding how much to lend you. These include your credit rating, your income and household expenses and current liabilities. We always try to lend the amount that we feel sure you can pay back.

Can I take further loans about my existing one?

  • Presently does not offer top-up loans. Once you repay your existing loan then you become eligible to apply for a fresh loan. It will be less burdensome for you too to clear one loan before going in for another.

How soon after my last loan can I get another?

  • Immediately, provided you have repaid your earlier one on time.

Will get quick loan even if I applied on a holiday or beyond banking hours?

  • Because of our smart and easy digital application you can apply for loan at any time and on any day.

Are there any charges for early repayment?

  • We do not charge for early payment but also reduce your interest amount to the exact number of days that you had kept the loan. If you want to make early payment just send an email to Or call us at 9999999341.